I have been a practising lawyer for 30 years and know that often the Law is broken. Not because people are bad or criminal, but because there are events in your life that effect the way you behave at a moment in time.

The wrong place, the wrong friends and the wrong bar are often involved.

Some actions are momentary, or part of a course of events that are impossible to change. I understand this.

If the police charge you with committing a crime you need me to stand up for you and fight your corner.

I know what a terrifying place this can be. That’s why I am here to help and guide you through the journey, and put your case for you.

We will prepare your case thoroughly. If it comes to trial we will challenge the evidence and see how weak it actually is.

If a court isn’t sure. You have to be acquitted.

That is what motivates me and has done so since entering the profession and continues to do so.

I or one of my team can speak to you at any time, we can represent you at the police station, magistrates, and crown court in any part of England and Wales. We will make sure that you are properly prepared for the court experience and that you have someone instructed by us to represent you.


Law Degree 2.2 Newcastle University 1985.


Qualified Solicitor of the Supreme Court 1992.


Higher Rights Advocate in the Supreme Court 1995.


Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. (Trusts) Qualified 2015.