Get legal help now. We will advise, assist and help you manage your debts.

• Stop Bailiffs
• Defend County Court Judgements

It’s never too late to get help. Get advice for the present to help manage the future.

Debt creeps up on you. Circumstances change. Sickness, bereavement, unemployment and separation are all factors affecting one’s ability to pay and manage debt and repayments.

We will work with you, helping you to make informed choices. We can even negotiate with your creditors and reduce the amount you have to pay each month.

Paul Darnborough Solicitors are able to provide advice on all aspects of insolvency and we are experienced in working closely with Insolvency Practitioners.

We can offer competitive rates in recovering money owed to you. We also assist clients who face debt problems and who require advice in financial restructuring.

The experience to help resolve all your debt related issues including:

• Bankruptcy & Individual Voluntary Arrangements
• Charging Orders
• Consumer Credit Agreements
• Council Tax Arrears
• Hire Purchase Agreements
• Mortgage Arrears & Repossession
• Rescheduling Credit Card and other Debts
• Restriction Orders
• Secured & Unsecured Loans
• Statutory Demand
• Utility Bill Arrears