Civil cases often go through the procedure of alternative dispute resolution to try and reach settlement at an early stage of the case to prevent costly court action.

Alternative dispute resolution is beneficial to both parties and also prevents unnecessary court cases, some of which can continue for years and can cost all the parties involved a great deal of expense and stress.

We can advise commercial clients on litigation matters – as well as advising private individuals in cases where litigation might be an option.

Regardless of the matter under dispute, it is crucial to seek advice at an early stage of a dispute
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  • Chose a firm comfortable to navigate the perilous waters of court litigation
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Paul Darnborough Solicitors offers in-house alternative dispute resolution services to both corporate clients and private individuals – and our litigation team believes in securing the best outcome for our clients.

Sometimes, it may not be possible to resolve a matter through alternative dispute resolution – and in such cases, we will take swift action to protect our client’s interests and offer the best representation for any court action.

When facing litigation, clients need to be confident their legal team has the edge – often there is not only a financial interest to protect, but also potentially a client’s future.

Resolution is possible at any stage of a case – and the court encourages this.

While preparing for a court hearing, we will continue working on behalf of a client to resolve the matter out of court, if possible – our litigation team understands this is often in the client’s best interests.

No one really wants to be subjected to a costly and stressful court case – we treat each claim with the same care and tenacity, with a view to achieving the quickest and most cost-effective solution for the client.